Festival teachers

Yana Sanamyantz (Russia) & Joris Focquaert (Belgium)

Joris Focquaert comes from Ghent, Belgium. He discovered the Lindy Hop in Copenhagen when he was studying at the Commedia School for mime & physical theatre. A background in the art of clowning, he takes his unique expressivity to his social dances & performances, forming his attitude towards the dance. In class, Joris tries to share his best of ideas. He is one of the starting figures of swing dance school ‘Crazy Legs’ (Ghent) & vernacular Jazz dance troupe ‘the Dipsy Doodles’. Today he is a busy working dancer in Belgium & abroad, next to studying the Jazz trombone and clarinet.

Yana is an active swing dancer, performer, teacher and DJ. She was surrounded by jazz since childhood, while dancing came much later. Since the first lindy hop lesson, she fell in love with the swing scene and started devoting all her time to music and dancing. Raised with love in Moscow Swing Dance Society she shortly became a teacher there and in a few years started to travel for sharing and finding knowledge. In class, Yana is conveying joy, respect and love for the dance with her students.

Daniel Larsson & Frida Häggström Gerdt (Sweden)


With inspiration from the original Hoofers, Daniel is one of the dancers that still working in the style and rhythm heritage that once was created by the legends during the era of swing. To dance and to spread the traditional dance style built on rhythm gives him inspiration and the power in life. His ability to dance lots of different styles make him a respectful dancer. As well as a broad variety of Tap styles Daniel also dance traditional Lindy Hop, Charleston, Jazz and is a well educated Modern Jazz & Ballet dancer.

He works professionally at theatres in the musical scene where not only dancing, but also singing and acting is a part of his profession. He´s been working in shows such as Crazy for You, Love Never Dies, Singing in the Rain, Guys and Dolls, Producers, Chicago, La Cage aux Folles, Beauty and the Beast, Grease and many others. Daniel is also in to choreography and he choreographed musicals like The Wild Party, Spelling Bee and Rebellas Skatt. 

“Never stop learning” is Daniels guiding principle and motto. He loves taking classes from the best teachers and continue his work to get better and better!


Frida discovered Lindy hop in 2009 and hasn’t missed a week of dancing since. As a dancer, she grew up on the social dance floor and that’s still where she feels the most at home. She takes her inspiration from the old clips as well as from her fellow dancers down at Chicago Swing Dance Studio in Stockholm, where she spends most of her days — practicing, teaching or DJ-ing. Her passion for jazz music has always been her main motivation, and when it comes to her own dancing as well as teaching she greatly values personal expression, rhythm and simplicity. In 2015 she joined forces with the swing dance company Harlem Hot Shots and became a solid member in 2018.

Alexey Kazennov (Russia) 

Alexey Kazennov is an incredibly talented and inspiring swing dancer hailing from Russia. He started dancing in 2013 with extraordinary enthusiasm, came to every single party and in the same year made finals in a Newcomer J&J. In 2015 he jumped into the Lindy life with both feet and began teaching, practicing and traveling all over the world, and has won a great number of competition titles (Savoy Cup, Harlem, Rock That Swing, ILHC and a long etcetera!). Lindy hop, Authentic Jazz, Blues, and St. Louis Shag, there is nothing he can’t dance! Alexey is famous for his personal style as a dancer, his big smiles, and most of all for his high energy on the dance floor! Do you believe that someone can dance for 24 hours non-stop?
Yes, this is Alexey!