Performers 2019

Gentlemen & Gangsters (Sweden)

Gentlemen & Gangsters play hot jazz with all the flair and sophistication of true gentlemen, coupled with the ruthless brutality 
of hardened gangsters. Like a devious conspiracy from a bygone era, this shady syndicate of jazz kingpins plot for world domination from their secret location in a run down part of Gothenburg. Armed with drumsticks instead of knuckle dusters and trombones instead of tommy guns these deranged masterminds spread mayhem, joy, and decadence wherever they go.

You might have heard about them, you might even recognize some of the members from their more legitimate enterprises, and maybe you thought it was all just a rumor; after all – could such a band really exist? How could society allow it? How could they possibly have escaped the vice squad? Or even disease control, given the infectious jazz music that they are spreading? Well folks, all you need is a speedy getaway vehicle and a secret lair and the contraband jazz business is as easy as pie!

Canal Street Band (Russia)

was founded in 2015 by Prohor Burlak (soprano saxophone) and group of young professional musicians inspired by traditional New Orleans music and early swing.
Like all the culture of New Orleans, the music performed by the Canal Street Band is very diverse – from hot dance jazz and swing and music with Creole and Caribbean traditions to spirituals and blues.
The band regularly performs at main jazz venues of St. Petersburg, including  Philharmonic of Jazz Music, constantly participates in local and European music festivals.
Band is well known by performances at swing dance events in Russia and Europe  (La Jam festival, swing dance parties in Paris etc).

Horre Zeiger BigBänd (Estonia)

One late autumn evening, on October 12th 1954, a group of eight musicians gathered for their first rehearsal in the Nõmme Cultural Centre. From that moment on, the Horre Zeiger Bigband was created. Many youngsters from the 50’s, 60’s,70’s and til now can say that they have danced with Horre Zeiger bigband playing.
Horre Zeiger and a bowtie, Horre Zeiger and a bigband – they are inseparatable. As the bowtie is known as a sophisticated element, swing music is also known by its respectable dignity, captivating rhythms and fascinating melodies that have lasted for years.
Horre Zeiger Bigband has played in Stockholm, Ashabad, Moscow and St. Petersburg, former East Germany, Latvia and Lithuania, but they still love to play at home the most. HZ Bigband has been one of the most popular dance orchestra that has played in many school parties, club nights and dance competitions, still keeping its devotion to swing music.
Their repertoire consists of Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington and many other swing classics and of course melodies from Raimond Valgre and Horre Zeiger. Altogether they have played over 1500 songs and the counting still continues, because the fairytale of the Horre Zeiger Bigband has not yet ended.