Dance styles & levels


This time at Tallinn Swing Weekend you can dance more than ever! You can improve your dancing skills by the guidance of very experienced teachers in Lindy Hop but also in Solo Jazz.

  • Lindy Hop classes are organized for four different levels from beginners-intermediate to advanced which will be determined by the audition. Every Lindy Hop level will have 4 dance classes. Read more about Lindy Hop teachers.
  • Solo Jazz classes will be organized for two levels (intermediate and advanced) which will be determined according to dancing skills marked in the registration forms. Both of the levels will have 4 dance classes. Read more about Solo Jazz teacher.
  • When you really cannot decide over whether to participate in Lindy Hop or Solo Jazz classes we have great news for you. You can participate in both! The combined pass will give you the opportunity to participate in Lindy Hop classes and at your choice whether in 2 or 4 Solo Jazz classes. Read more about it.

In addition, on Friday and on Saturday there will be theme classes where everyone who is interested is welcome to participate. To participate in themed classes you must have the tickets for the parties.


Lindy Hop classes are organized for four levels:

  1. beginner-intermediate (BI);
  2. intermediate (I);
  3. intermediate-advanced (IA);
  4. advanced (A).

In the registration form there will be asked questions of your previous dancing experience and on what level you think you are dancing. By received answers the dancers will be distributed into two Level Groups and there will be an audition. As a result of the audition it will be decided which is your level at the Tallinn Swing Weekend.

Auditions will be held in two groups:

  • Level Group I – beginner-intermediate and intermediate
  • Level Group II – intermediate-advanced and advanced.

The level you mark in your registration sheet will not guarantee the spot in this level classes but by this it will be determined in which Level Group at audition you are participating.

NB! The dancer who does not take part of the audition will automatically be determined into the lower level of its Level Group.

At the Level Group determination, it will be considered with your partner’s level as well. If you have registered with the partner with significantly different level than yours generally the organizer will determine your partner as your Level Group. In case the registered partners wish to participate in a different Level Groups we recommend to contact the organizer who checks the balance of the leaders-followers and lets you know if that is possible.

Solo Jazz

Intermediate solo dancers are familiar with basic jazz steps. They want to expand their dance vocabulary and gain confidence dancing solo to swing and jazz music.

Advanced solo dancers know most jazz steps already. Learning new moves and combining them is not a problem for them. They enjoy dancing solo to swing music.