For the second time in Tallinn Swing Weekend history, swing-era fans without prior swing dance experience (absolute beginners) are welcome to participate in festival’s parties and classes. We highly recommend registering to Lindy Hop classes with a partner, this way the participation is assured. The registration form has to be filled by both partners! If you don’t have a partner, don’t hesitate to register anyway, there might be a partner for you as well.


Mini passes for beginners (level “0”) Until
16.03 –
[FPB] Beginner full pass (2 Lindy Hop classes and 3 parties)  50 EUR 60 EUR
[COB] Beginner classes only (2 Lindy Hop classes, no parties) 25 EUR 30 EUR
 (PO) Parties only (party on Friday, Saturday and on Sunday) 45 EUR 45 EUR
T-shirt  15 EUR 15 EUR

Event schedule for beginners:

Friday, 26.04.

18.30-19.30 Lindy Hop class, teachers: Johannes & Katharina, location: dance hall of TSDS, 4th floor of ARS house (Pärnu mnt 154)
21.00-03.00TSW Opening party in the main hall at Nõmme Cultural Centre  (Turu plats 2)

Saturday, 27.04.
15.00-16.00 Lindy Hop class, teachers: Janek & Eliisa, location: dance hall of TSDS, 4th floor of ARS house (Pärnu mnt 154)
21.00-03.00 TSW Main party at Estonian Christian Pentecostal Church (Toompea 3)

Sunday, 28.04.
21.00-03.00 TSW afterparty at ARS house (Pärnu mnt 154)


Eliisa & Janek Õunamägi (Tallinn Swing Dance Society)

Eliisa started dancing already in early childhood and only within couple of years, dancing became big part of her life. She has danced several styles but swing and step dance, which she was first introduced to in 1994, have remained closest to her heart. Back then she danced Lindy Hop and other swing dance styles as a part of a show dance and in competitions in Estonia and nearby countries. Growing up, she discovered the social side of Lindy, where the chemistry and teamwork between partners became very important to her. Today, Eliisa is constantly learning from the best Lindy Hop dancers of the world. Since 2012 she has devoted herself to teach and
spread the word of Lindy as a social dance.
Janek has danced since 2008. His heart was won over by many possibilities to improvise in Lindy Hop. Next to Lindy, he has also been active in folk dance. Since 2012, Janek is teaching Lindy Hop to all levels from beginners to advanced. Like Eliisa, he as well betters his dancing and teaching skills under the best Lindy Hop dancers there are.
Eliisa and Janek have danced together since 2008 and from 2012 they are the main dance teachers of the Tallinn Swing Dance Society. The amazing chemistry and teamwork these two have won’t be unnoticed by anyone on the dance floor. Their classes are fun and
captivating, where lot of stress is put on a follower and leader partnership techniques. Their main goal is to help people feel good with every partner on the dance floor.

Johannes Gustav Varkki & Katharina Matkevitš (Tallinn Swing Dance Society)

2017.08 - TSDC - Johannes & Katharina-0006 (2)

photo: MorroW Shoots

Johannes Gustav found himself in his first swing dance lesson by a lucky chance back in 2012. He loved every minute of it and was hooked from the first steps and swinging tunes. Before Lindy Hop, Johannes had practiced a wide variety of hobbies that later turned out helped his dance career in a big way – BMX, piano, basketball, swimming, karate etc. He enjoys the social aspect, freedom and inspiring music in dancing. Johannes has attended different international swing dance festivals in Finland, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Italy and Czech Republic. He also has been teaching Lindy Hop since 2014.
Katharina discovered the world of swing dance in 2014. She fell in love to Lindy Hop already from the first rock-step and couldn’t imagine having any other day without swing music and dancing. From there on, she’s constantly searching for new ways to develop her dancing skills and dance vocabulary. She has actively taken part in several workshops and dance festivals in Estonia and abroad like Poland, Denmark, Sweden, UK, Germany and Lithuania. Next to Lindy Hop, Katharina also dances Shag and Balboa, mastering her skills both as a leader and a follower. For Katharina, the most important aspect of dancing is to interpret the music. The second most important thing is to genuinely enjoy dancing from all of your heart so it can be reflected from the smile of your dancing partner.